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Over the last few years, I have been tinkering around with the idea of making physical theatre that combines elements of butoh and Korean traditional opera (pansori). I have had varying levels of success in this, and along the way I have subjected people to a variety of showings of my work. Starting with Strange Earth in 2009, through to Deluge in 2011 and most recently, a project I am calling TransLab.

TransLab is a process of setting up a transcultural environment in which to explore the transformation of body and voice. It is a part of my Masters study at QUT and involves working with artists from Korea and Australia to not only facilitate cultural and skills exchange, but to create new performance environments together.

And I finally feel like I am getting somewhere.

My most recent showing was at the end of June, and I captured the whole thing on film. At the moment, TransLab describes the creative environment in which I am redeveloping Deluge: which will culminate in November in a relatively sophisticated version of that work. What is emerging is a style of working and a series of training and rehearsal conditions that I will continue playing with in the future. Once I get this Masters out of the way, I want to invite more artists into the studio with me to train and to create.

One step at a time though, one step at a time.

Re-Imagine the World

July 6, 2012 § 7 Comments

I grew up in the church.

This won’t come as much of a surprise to anyone who knows me well – and for this reason I am still surprised when conversations grind to a halt when new acquaintances start asking me about my life and I answer them honestly.

Each new person that I come into contact with has a hand in my evolution, and I try very hard to work as a positive force in theirs. Sometimes it is the briefest of encounters that can change things. A friendly glance, a lingering hand, a five minute conversation, an hour in the back corner of a dimly lit bar.

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These are two of my favourite people of all time. Kim Minjeong and Abe Mitchell.

I seriously miss them.

I want to go back to Korea so bad.

My Love DMZ

June 10, 2010 § 9 Comments

At the end of June I will be performing in Brisbane with Mokhwa, one of Korea’s premier physical theatre companies.

The show is 내 사랑 DMZ – [Ne Sarang DMZ], which translates as “My Love, DMZ”. The performance is being sponsored by the Korean government as part of the commemoration of the 60th anniversary of the start of the Korean war and is being taken round the world in 2010 (Australia, United Kingdom, USA and Turkey). Their concept is to have an actor from each of the host countries take on a small role in the work.

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Winter is jealous of Spring

March 2, 2010 § 1 Comment

This morning I woke to the wet sound of snow as it gently slid out of the grey sky and met the edge of my window before trickling down the gutter and onto the street. It is the first real day of Spring, and the preceding week of thaw found itself rudely interrupted by the jealousy of Winter.

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Super Band (UPDATED: Now with Video!)

February 25, 2010 § 3 Comments

I have a friend, his name is John. Well, his English name is John, in Korean he is Jung Jong Bin. He is a lovely boy, only slightly younger than myself who has just completed his military service (compulsory for every Korean male).

He plays the guitar, and, as a Winter Project he decided to form a band.

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32s Still a God Damned Number

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No reason except that Regina Spektor is amazing.

My To Do List is shortening by the minute. I just have to do some last-minute shopping tomorrow, see Mel, go see John’s Band.

Oh, and and finish my application for JUMP. I think my proposal is pretty solid. It’s just that I have left it all a bit late, and am waiting on some final supporting documents. Then I am going to post it at the LAST MINUTE from Daejeon. Look, the application says postmarked by the 26th February. They don’t know yet that I am in Korea. I get to email in the body of the application, so at least they will be expecting the hard stuff.


Rehearsed Sketches today. I suffer slightly from motivational issues when I am left to my own devices in a room with a working computer (especially when it is my own). I put in a good 2 and a half hours. Pretty sure I could do the show in my sleep (lucky it’s Butoh). At least now, after a couple of weeks of revision I am no longer relying on my Body Memory (which gets a bit fuzzy, let’s be honest). And 6 months of performing as a singing, dancing, cybernetic robot has left its toll on my Body Material Of Wave.

And I will soon once again be on the Roman Road.

One Week Gypsy

February 23, 2010 § 3 Comments

Clothes: 20.2kg
Butoh Paint: 1.2kg
Sewing Machine: 9.0kg
Books: 7.5kg
Electronics: 10kg
Keytar: 6.4kg
Sound Gear: 14kg
Flutes: 1.2kg

TOTAL: 69.5kg

Ok, so this is unacceptable, as my ticket gives me only a 20kg allowance and excess baggage is charged at USD30 a kilo.

TOTAL: 49.5kg

My contract gives me an additional 20kg.

TOTAL: 29.5kg

They will also pay for what I needed for the show.

TOTAL: 7.9kg

Which I will probably stuff into my briefcase as additional hand luggage.
(But it is so heavy and you have too many bags. Oh no, look at my big headphones – I’m a DJ, I couldn’t possibly part with my expensive equipment. Are you famous? Not yet. Ok).

The only problem is, I have completely packed, and I don’t leave for another week.

Don’t Gypsies usually travel light?

5 More Shows…

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Which equals one more week, 4 days of which I have to work.

3 days to conclude this chapter.

I really hope I get to dance in a new one before I go.

I have discovered ASIANPUNKBOY other wise known as Terence Koh.

I think it was because of a video of him and Lady Gaga?

He suits me.

The cards told me to stop and celebrate what I have before moving on. I thought that meant that I had to go out. But it seems, all I needed to do was sit around with Abe and eat junk and watch TV. Which is fine. Except now I have (another) bellyache.

Now I am ready for bed.

I don’t know…

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… exactly when I became so absolutely at peace and fine with everything.

A slow process, but these last few months have really been interesting.

And I come home (well, to the people I love) in under three weeks.

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